Just under 70˙north

Tromsø - Lyngen Alps - Kilpisjärvi

ARCTIC MOUNTAIN GUIDES offers guiding services on the arctic mountains of Northernmost Europe. We operate exclusively above the Arctic Circle in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

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We Believe in the Environment

The mountains deserve our care. Arctic terrain is both magnificent and fragile. As mindful visitors, we treasure and care for our world's spectacular landscapes.

We Believe in Community

The mountains unite us. Our passion for exploring and learning is the foundation for trust, teamwork, and lifelong friendships.

We Believe in Challenge & Adventure

The mountains are forces for change. Adventure, challenge, fun, and humble awe remind us how alive and connected we are to the natural world.

We Believe in Professionalism

The mountains command reverence. At times it's sunny and warm; other times nature is unforgiving. With this in mind, we keep our level of professionalism high and keep educating ourselves all the time.