TOPPTUR NORGE - Lyngen / Troms

Mountains to fjord - 3 days of ski touring on arctic mountains

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Topptur Norge - 3 days

Three ski touring day trips in stunning mountain and fjord scenery in northern Norway. The program includes three different ski touring sites in Lyngen and around Tromsø.

Topptur Norge - 3 days Lyngen

Lyngen offers a breath-taking combination of steep alpine peaks and the sea.

Lyngen is a legendary ski touring destination in northern Norway, The mountains of the peninsula rise steeply straight from the sea, with the highest peak, Jiehkivarri, rising just over 1,800 meters. Lyngen is well suited for more experienced ski tourer. Of course, novice ski tourer will also have something to count on and a great experience. The altitude difference on a day tour in Lyngen is about 800 to 1500 meters.

In Lyngen, we stay in a mountain hut, from where we make day tours to the surrounding mountains. The hut is located in Lyngen, in a mountain valley surrounded by magnificent mountains. The transition to the hut takes place by skiing about two kilometers from a parking lot. All the supplies we need will be taken to the hut in a sledge or backpack. The mountain hut has a gas stove and a wood stove.

Price per person: 590€ (minimum 2 participants)

Price includes: guiding and mountain hut fees

Equipment: Ask for detailed list for equipment

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Topptur Norge - 3 days Tromsø

The surroundings of Tromsø provide a wonderful setting for ski touring.

The program includes three topptur - ski tours in the Troms and Lyngen areas in northern Norway. Ski tour starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon with an after ski, repeating the day's trip and planning the next day.

Our guides are familiar with the mountains of Tromsø and Lyngen areas, knowing the best ski touring sites with years of experience. In addition, our guide can take safety issues into account during excursions.

Price per person: 490 € (minimum 2 participants) 

The price includes transportation during the days. Does not include accommodation.

Equipment: Ask for detailed list for equipment

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